Once a lady came to the home of Cassandra - young, but potential medium...

Violet Smith: My name is Violet Smith. My brother dissappeared almost two weeks ago. He won't answer his phone, and his friends don't know where he is.

Cassandra: Trust in me, I promise that I will do whatever I can to help you in your search. Grandmother did leave me one special gift: her magic ring. With it, my powers are greatly enhanced. Ah! Here is the key! Let's open the box...

Violet Smith: But where is the ring?

Cassandra: I don't understand...

Violet Smith: Cassandra, please, we need to find my brother!

Cassandra: I know, but without my ring I'm powerless. I'm sorry, but I simply can't help you until I find it.

Violet Smith: ...Cassandra, I believe that you're my best chance to find my brother, so I'm willing to wait for your help.

That's how you come to be in the world of fascinating magical trinkets. Don't be anxious about lack of experience because the spirit of famous Nostradamus will be your guide in a wonderful travelling. The quest consists of 30 beautiful levels where you meet diverse characters, accomplish a lot of tasks and progressively find a surprising key to the main riddle. Gameplay includes all the best and the most loved in casual games. It fabulously mixes hidden-object and card games, image and word puzzles, match 3 levels and magic tricks.

The game is based on co-named PC version
Cassandra's Journey can be good entertainment for any family member.

All well-known classical types of casual games are collected here:

  • Hidden-object puzzles
  • Different searching modes: by name, by riddles, by outlay
  • Word search
  • Mind-reading tricks
  • Optical illusions
  • Match 3 mini games
  • Various tricks