The lore of Maya in slider game Mezopuzzle

New wonderful puzzle game by Avallon Alliance Ltd. - Mezopuzzle was submitted to App Store.

Avallon Alliance offers new view at blocks puzzle. As a researcher of an ancient Maya culture gamer finds himself in destroyed temple. His aim is to reconstruct picture by picture three Maya legends, sliding stone blocks that differ by form and size, around playing field. The whole number of levels is 30 - 3 legends in tens paintings.

Polished mechanics include moving several blocks at one time and in any directions. Stylish feature of the Mezopuzzle is its art combining Indian look with effect of moldy stones.


Cassandra's Journey: The Legacy of Nostradamus for iPhone

Avallon Alliance released vivid adventure quest Cassandra's Journey: The Legacy of Nostradamus - collection of the most loved casual puzzles. The game is available at Apple App Store for $1.99.
Cassandra's Journey is an iPhone version of the popular co-named PC game developed by JoyBits Ltd.
The gamer has to change into Cassandra and in assistance of Nostradamus' spirit complete the quest in search of the lost ring. In 30 levels Cassandra's Journey fairly mixes hidden-object and card games, image and word puzzles, match 3 mini games with exclusive entertainments: optical illusions, mind reading and card tricks.
Each step is implemented with picturesque graphics and accompanied with minute 'how-to-do' keys so the game can be great entertainment for each family member.
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